The Middle Ages under the walls

The town of Tyrna comes alive for the weekend and invites you to enter the Middle Ages

During the traditional fair, medieval robes will be laid out, crows will rustle, and the scent of traditional cuisine will guide you to the Bernolák park. When you smell it, it means only one thing: the Middle Ages begins under the walls. This popular event has been an inseparable twin of the Trnava Fair for 11 years. It is a more intimate event, where the hands of the clock turn more slowly, where candlemakers, glassmakers, leather workers and scribes demonstrate their craft with stoic calm, while behind them arrows whiz or catapults shoot.

The town of Tyrna will open its doors on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10:00 a.m

It would be hard to find Tyrna on the current map. However, the fame of the town has been alive for hundreds of years. Come for one day a year to smell, touch and experience its true period atmosphere. Thanks to the enthusiasts from the Hector agency, the history will take on realistic contours for a few hours.

What does it look like in Tyrna?

Sweet and salty porridges are mixed in cauldrons. Every now and then you can hear the shouts of swordsmen and puppeteers, and sometimes a fight breaks out.

All the inhabitants of Tyrna are whispering about the evening clash between the famous dragon slayer and the big dragon, about the traditional sewing machine, the executioner who is waiting for a good job or about the period dance festival under the trees.

You have to earn money to have fun in Tyrna - by hard work and with a sense of humor. Throughout the weekend, children can try out the model of the medieval micro-economy in Tyrna in the sense of: Welcome, work and have a good time here.

"If you want to enjoy medieval fun in the Tyrnian style, help the beekeeper roll the barrels, join the autumn wine making process, grind flour for cakes, change the guard at the walls if you keep the halberd in your right hand. What you put into the town will come back to you twice", it is written in old Tyrnian documents.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the true atmosphere of medieval life. Behind the ancient walls of the city, in the garden of Anton Bernolák, history takes place every year in the funniest form you can imagine.


10:00 Gates open
11:00 Vinedi Archery performance
12:00 Fencing show HECTOR
13:00 Court Anjou dance workshop
14:00 Vinedi-Galthilion period dances
15:00 Period procession and opening of the fair
15:45 Baptism of the Trebuchet on Hlboka street
17:00 Medieval dances Court of Anjou
18:00 Fencing show HECTOR
19:30 Vinedi archery performance
20:30 Malo Malo period dance
22:00 Gates closed


10:00 Gates open
11:00 Vinedi Archery performance
13:00 Fencing show HECTOR
14:00 Court Anjou dance workshop
15:00 Vinedi-Galthilion period dances
16:00 Fencing show HECTOR
17:00 Vinedi archery performance
18:00 Medieval dances Court of Anjou
19:00 Gates closed